News von den Black Hills dec. 11, 2017

Rapid City – Great Plain Tribal Leaders at a meeting with US Forest Service
Nun will eine Firma aus Kanada mit dem GoldRaubBau in den heiligen Black Hills
von der Oglala Nation wieder beginnen.
Der Fort Laramie Vertrag von 1868 hat den Lakotas die heiligen Berge zugesagt.
Und nun im 21. Jahrhundert haelt sich die amerikanische Regierung immer noch nicht an den Vertrag.
Oglala Sioux Tribal Councilor Collins “CJ” Clifford:
“You’re taking my minerals, my soils, and doing irreparable harm to my land,” he said. “Your job is to protect my land and my people under the treaty and under the Constitution of the United States of America. What part of that trust responsibility don’t you understand?” he said. “We don’t want it. What part of no don’t you understand?”
Crow Creek Tribal Chair Brandon Sazue
reminded the Forest Service, “The land is not for sale. It never was and never will be.” Permitting mining is like approval for unearthing native ancestors, he said. “It would be like us going into your graveyard and making a process out of it,” he said.
Oglala Sioux Tribal Historic Preservation Officer Trina Lone Hill
called opposition to the proposal “a group effort” for the treaty tribes. “For us, it’s our land, water, and treaty rights. The Black Hills is a spiritual place for our people. This is where we emerged according to our creation story,” she said.
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