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Jean Roach, International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee
Open Letter to Water Protectors: Support Leonard Peltier by Jean Roach

Dear Water Protectors, Relatives and Friends:
Let me introduce myself.
My name is Jean Roach, of the Mnicoujou Lakota from the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe.
I am a board member of the International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee (ILPDC).
I am also a survivor of the “1975 Oglala Firefight.”
I have introduced myself to many representatives who have been to Standing Rock
in support of our fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL).

Leonard Peltier: A Warrior Behind Bars

Editor’s Note: When editor-in-chief Dan Skye applied to the US Prison System to visit Leonard Peltier behind bars, it was necessary for him to use his real name, which is Malcolm MacKinnon. For that reason, Malcolm MacKinnon is the byline that appears on this feature in the December 2016 issue of HIGH TIMES.

In the final months of his presidency, Barack Obama can correct one of America’s worst miscarriages of justice by freeing Leonard Peltier, the Native American activist who has been wrongly imprisoned for almost 40 years for the murder of two FBI agents. HIGH TIMES visits Peltier in prison and reviews the outrageous history of his case.

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april 20, 2022

The FBI Says It Still Opposes Leonard Peltier’s Freedom. Its Argument Is Full Of Holes

It’s not every day that you ask the federal Office of the Pardon Attorney a routine question about the status of a prisoner’s petition for clemency and get a response from the FBI.
But that’s what happened when HuffPost recently asked for an update on a petition for clemency for Leonard Peltier, the Native American rights activist who has been in prison for 46 years without any evidence that he committed a crime and after a trial riddled with misconduct.
HuffPost has been reporting on Peltier’s imprisonment for months, and we emailed the Office of the Pardon Attorney late last month to see if a clemency petition filed in July by Peltier’s attorney has moved along in the review process. The FBI unexpectedly wrote back. It sent over a statement saying it strongly opposes clemency for Peltier:

The FBI remains resolute against the commutation of Leonard Peltier’s sentence for murdering FBI Special Agents Jack Coler and Ronald Williams at South Dakota’s Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in 1975.
We must never forget or put aside that Peltier intentionally and mercilessly murdered these two young men and has never expressed remorse for his ruthless actions.
Peltier’s conviction, rightly and fairly obtained, still stands, and has withstood numerous appeals to multiple courts, including the U.S. Supreme Court. No amount of prison time changes the facts surrounding Coler and Williams’ deaths and
commuting Peltier’s sentence now would only serve to diminish the brutality of his crime and the suffering of their surviving families and the FBI family.
link for the report and video

april 8, 2022

Global Peace Walk – 28th Aniversary

march 21, 2022

Yesterday our prison visit with Leonard Peltier was monumental and very uplifting and sad at the same time!
Leonard came out with a smile and he looked good after surviving COVID-19! Like most prisoners he was left to fend for himself as he battled the sickness! He was left without water for 4 days! The water out of fountain is not drinkable and orange in color! Leonard was not put inside a medical unit even though he has several “health risks” and is an elder! We are so thankful he survived Covid! The Covid aftereffects are unknown and we pray for Leonards Health!
The conditions inside the walls are ignored by the general public unless they have a relative inside! Only then will you hear the truth! The cold dirty environment is part of the many “inhuman conditions” prisoners face daily! The food is gross especially lockdowns which no way meet the basic needs of a person like Leonard with diabetes! Let’s not forget he still has a aortic aneurysm and waiting to see medical doctors to evaluate his health.
His message to the Oyate (people) is to continue voicing and writing about the atrocities and illegal activities of the federal government concerning his case!
We need all the supporters to contact the White House’s President Biden to release Leonard! Continue emailing, calling, and messaging!
Leonard’s case is the continued Genocide and Colonization of our Nations! For generations they have attacked our leaders in their efforts to “kill the Indian and save the man” policy which continues today and is called COINTEL PRO (counter intelligence program)
Part of decolonization is understanding their policies! Defamations of character continues when people exploit platforms to push their personal agendas! Actually if you promote FBI propaganda you need to stay on the Colonizer side!
Leonard has been brutalized for years even tough the govt has admitted they have no idea whose responsible for their agents deaths! And let’s not forget co defendants Dino Butler and Bob Roubideaux were ACQUITTED on the basis of SELF DEFENSE!
Freedom for LEONARD PELTER!!
Educate Yourself !
Co-directors Jean Roach & Carol Gokee
International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee

februar 16, 2022

In the reality
Of many realities
How we see what we see
Affects the quality
Of our reality
We are children of Earth and Sky
DNA descendant now ancestor
Human being physical spirit
Bone flesh blood as spirit
Metal mineral water as spirit
We are in time and space
But we’re from beyond time and space
The past is part of the present
The future is part of the present
Life and being are interwoven
We are the DNA of Earth, Moon, Planets, Stars
We are related to the universal
Creator created creation
Spirit and intelligence with clarity
Being and human as power
We are a part of the memories of evolution
These memories carry knowledge
These memories carry our identity
Beneath race, gender, class, age
Beneath citizen, business, state, religion
We are human beings
And these memories
Are trying to remind us
Human beings, human beings
It’s time to rise up
Remember who we are
-John Trudell

october 29, 2021

Cherokee Nation Files Brief with U.S. Supreme Court Responding to
Attempt to Overturn McGirt v. Oklahoma

TAHLEQUAH, Okla. — Today, the Cherokee Nation filed an amicus brief with the U.S. Supreme Court on the state of Oklahoma’s efforts to reverse last year’s McGirt v. Oklahoma decision. The brief outlines why the court should deny Oklahoma’s petition, as well as the flawed arguments and outright inaccuracies in the state and its amici’s filings.
link for the report

link for the open letter

october 26, 2021

24 State Senators signed FREEDOM support Letter for Leonard Peltier
We are making a difference 24 state senators send support letter asking for Leonard Peltier’s FREEDOM!

This is the definitive feature documentary about American Indian activist, Leonard Peltier.
His story is told within the context of the American Indian Movement, the US federal government,
and the multi national companies interested in mining the land in South Dakota.
Produced and directed by Suzie Baer. 1992

For more information about Leonard Peltier please contact http://www.whoisleonardpeltier.info/

For more information about film screenings contact me at warriorthelifeofleonardpeltier@gmail.com

For purchase of the film or a poster:

may 28, 2021

Leonard Peltier Freedom Riders 2021

march 23, 2021

Free Our Eagle
Together as One
Free All
Gather the Wisdom
Wash your hands
Send up the new smoke
Free Leonard Peltier

february 19, 2021

Freedom for Leonard Peltier
Meeting with United Nations Rapporteur Vicky Corpus

january 20, 2021

LEONARD PELTIER on 1/20/2021 9:50:07 AM wrote
Good Morning everyone._
I’m not sure if this is such a good morning but i don’t know how to open this letter to everyone.
Yes i heard the loser did not sign my clemency, i had this strong feeling yesterday that I wasn’t going to get it, i don’t know why i had it,? I guess it was the spirits telling me so i sat down trying to write you all a letter but my tears of self pity must have overwhelmed me as i could not see to finish it so i had to stop for a while, thought about my family friends and people’s how it must be for them too . so i pulled myself together. and thought to myself well I’m not going to give up.
It’s been a hard 45 yrs, and it will get a lot harder I’m sure as I aged and in the moments when hopelessness over takes me, but at my age all i can do is ask so many of you to stay with me and let’s try again. b/cuz we have the only weapon we can use and that’s the constitution and the laws of this so called free democracy EQUAL JUSTICE FOR ALL, and must get everyone to know what the laws was that they violated not just the lawyers, But what a joke that is,!! IT HAS never has been this way for my people. and more then likely will never be. BUT I welcome all who will stay with me and fight on until i take my last breath.
Thank you. In the Spirit of Crazy Horse,
Leonard Peltier.

february 28, 2020

Dear Friends and supporters of Leonard Peltier:
Here is an email from Leonard on Feb. 21, 2020

“We were just notified that this is no longer an elder or medical unit. and we will all get cellies (cellmates). The last cellie they put in my cell was a snitch who snitched on his own son, and all he did was ask me about my case.” This means that Leonard will be moved into the general population rather than staying in a medical/elders unit.

Here is what we would like you to do; Please send letters asking that Coleman I maintain the Elder & medical care unit for Leonard Peltier and other elder & medical inmates.

We would like your email, letter or fax to include the following points

1) Closing the Elder and Medical care unit would be disastrous to the physical and mental health of the inmates, including Leonard Peltier.

2) As a Level 3 Care facility the Coleman I Elder & Medical Care Unit has inmates with significant health issues. Putting these inmates in the general population places them at significant risk due to the ongoing violence at Coleman I as seen by the six-month lockdown in 2019 and the current lockdown.

3) If you would like to as well personalize Leonard Peltier’s circumstances you could add the following facts
a) Leonard Peltier is 76 years old
b) Leonard’s health has had consistent care and monitoring in the unit for his prostate, aortic aneurysm, extreme arthritis in his hip and knee as well as spots on his lung and kidney issues.

Send Letters to:
Warden Roy Cheatham
P.O. BOX 1023 COLEMAN, FL 33521
Fax (352) 689-6012

Also, send a copy to the Southeast Region of the BOP
3800 Camp Creek Parkway SW/BDG 2000 ATLANTA, GA 30331
Email SERO/ExecAssistant@bop.gov
Fax 678-686-1229

For More Information contact the ILPDC at contact@whoisleonardpeltier.info
(218) 290-7667 Board (813) 428-0781

february 7, 2020

Thoughts on Leonard Peltier’s 44th year of imprisonment by people who know him by Frank Hopper

44 years in Prison!!

“Someone had to do something. Someone had to show Indigenous people they were important and they could fight back. That’s what Leonard Peltier did. He did something when few other Native people would and he took the fall for it without flinching.

The fire of that conviction burns in the heart of every current Native resistance fighter and water protector. For that fire alone, no matter what actually happened at the Jumping Bull compound, we owe Leonard Peltier an unending debt of gratitude.”
link for the report

january 14, 2020

SD DSS is known for stealing Lakota Children for profit! It’s been proven time after time that women who comply with their demands never succeed getting their children back. Now is the time to arm yourself with knowledge to protect your families from DSS 😡😡😡😡😡💔💔💔💔
Children are SACRED
“COME TO THE MNI LUZAHAN COMMUNITY GATHERING FOR CHILDREN FIRST on 1/20/2020 in the Oyate Center of Lakota Homes in Rapid City. Come help celebrate and enforce our civil rights on Martin Luther King Jr Day.

november 22, 2019

Thanksgiving statement from political prisoner Leonard Peltier
doc   PDF from the statement
The year of 2019 is coming to a close and with it, comes the day most Americans set aside as a day for Thanksgiving. As I let my mind wander beyond the steel bars and concrete walls, I try to imagine what the people who live outside the prison gates are doing, and what they are thinking. Do they ever think of the Indigenous people who were forced from their homelands? Do they understand that with every step they take, no matter the direction, that they are walking on stolen land? Can they imagine, even for one minute, what it was like to watch the suffering of the women, the children and babies and yes, the sick and elderly, as they were made to keep pushing west in freezing temperatures, with little or no food? These were my people and this was our land.
link for the report

june 20, 2019
‚Protecting the Protectors‘ — Challenging the Ridiculous ‚Riot Booster‘ Law in South Dakota

Photos by Jean Roach, Lakota
Article by Brenda Norrell, Censored News
RAPID CITY, South Dakota — The American Civil Liberties Union told a federal district court that South Dakota’s three so-called „riot boosting“ laws are unconstitutional and violate the First and Fourteenth Amendments of Free Speech and Assembly. In federal court on June 12, the ACLU asked the court for an injunction so the measure does not go into effect on July 1.

link for the webside and the information

Human Rights Defender Festival 2018

link fuer den Bericht

Peltier Art Gallery
Jean Roach’s goal, in her art and in her life, is to keep evolving

During her early years as an artist, Jean explored a variety of media,
including beadwork and leatherwork, before ultimately specializing in silversmithing.
The process of learning this craft was shared with her family:
Jean worked with her then-husband, her son, and her sister-in-law to master the complex
technical steps of creating silver jewelry.
Over the years, Jean’s motivation for creating her jewelry pieces has evolved from being a means
of earning a living, to being a creative outlet for expressing her world view.

Born and raised in Rapid City, SD and originally from the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation,
Mnicoujou, Jean aspires to represent a Lakota style in her work. “We’re trying to do natural,
and we’re trying to do local,” she says.

Jean noticed that her most popular sellers had been pieces incorporating turquoise,
but she recognized that turquoise it is not a natural stone for the prairie areas.
In an effort to incorporate more local stones into her pieces,
Jean has been using a rock tumbling machine to prepare prairie agates and even fairburns,
though she says, laughing, “They are so beautiful, I don’t even want to cut them!”
link for the webside

Seminole joins other Natives at Rally for Leonard Peltier

link for the report

      Lakota Woman Warriors

nov. 7, 2018

Bad News. The Grandson of Jean is in the Still in Juvenile jail.
I visited him yesterday. Going back court monday . . .
He in jail almost 90 days

If you want to help Jean please donate that she can get him out of Jail.
He is just 11 Years old.

jean roach in france, swiss, germany oct. 2018

oct. 29, 2018

Press Conference on Human Rights Defenders…
Jean raises the Question of Leonard Peltier…a Political Prisoner as a Human Rights Defender…
Jean talking to Stavros Lambrinidis, Special Representative of the European Union for
Human Rights about Human Rights Defender Leonard Peltier…

The Human Rights Defenders World Summit 2018 with Jean Roach at Espace Niemeyer –
Siège du Parti communiste Français – Paris, France
Justice and Freedom for Human Rights Defender Leonard Peltier…

Wir kommen wieder . . . . . .
link fuer den Bericht

link fuer den Bericht

link fuer den Zeitungsbericht

UN rights expert ‘more concerned than ever for human rights defenders

The Declaration has become a milestone in the human rights project and resources have been provided for the
promotion and protection of human rights defenders. However, I am more concerned than ever. …
We are facing an alarming panorama for human rights defenders.
Their situation is deteriorating all over the world despite States’ obligations to ensure
the protection of human rights defenders.
link fuer den Zeitungsbericht

oct. 29, 2018 Art Show in Paris

Meeting around contemporary amerindian art – exhibition /
ephemeral sale of the jewelry of the Lakota Artist, Jean Roach (Gallery Orenda, 29/10/18)
http://www.csia-nitassinan.org/spip.php?article974-Jean Roach

oct. 26, 2018

Finally near Hambach Forest💚 Tomarrow big day at the forest
Jean Roach, International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee
Jimbo Simmons, American Indian Movement

Performances by
Nataanni Means, Tufawon, DJ Michel Be
& Michael Koch

Showing Solidarity with the Tree Protectors who are protecting the forest from further destruction from coal mining 💚


More info on Hambach Forest

oct. 24, 2018

Nataani Means i Paris Solidarity, No Surrender in Pipeline defense

Censored News   link

oct. 22, 2018

Lakota Woman Jean Roach speach in Paris

link fuer den Zeitungsbericht

link fuer den Zeitungsbericht

Redebeitrag Leonard Peltier Solidaritaet in Hambach

Redebeitrag zu Leonard Peltiers Solibotschaft in den Hambacher Wald

Pine Ridge Reign of Terror

link fuer den Zeitungsbericht

oct. 14, 2018

International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee, Paris France
link fuer den Zeitungsbericht Organisation Paris

oct. 13, 2018

link fuer den Bericht

oct. 12, 2018

American Indian Movement…50 years Still Strong…Paris, France…FREE LEONARD PELTIER…
Konzert in Paris
link fuer den Bericht

oct. 11, 2018 Paris

But we’re here at Frontline radio 106.3 in Paris about to play our music and do interviews.
And we also did some other things today, including a bank action at societe generál, who directly funds extraction
projects and companies back home like LNG, Enbridge, and ETP.

Agenda des événements pour célébrer les 40 ans du Comité de solidarité avec les Indiens des Amériques
(CSIA-Nitassinan) – Exposition, colloque, concerts, projections, conférences avec des invités autochtones
des Amériques (Paris, du 4 au 13 octobre 2018)

  oct. 14, 2018 Today Unicorn Riot was live at a gathering honoring missing & murdered indigenous people in South Minneapolis. Watch the first part of our live stream here.
oct. 1, 2018

The Case of Leonard Peltier

Statement of Fact
By Attorney Jennifer Harbury

link for the Statement of Fact

link for the sioux nation

april 19, 2018

Lakota Jean Roach Appeals for Justice for Leonard Peltier at
UN Permament Forum on Indigenous Issues

Jean Roach, who was present as a teen at the incident at Oglala, is shown here with Bolivian President
Evo Morales at the UN Permament Forum on Indigenous Issues now in New York.
Jean made an appeal for Leonard Peltier to the United Nations and met with the UN Rapporteur
with the Peltier Delegation this week.

LINK for the Side and VIDEO
Lakota Jean Roach Appeals for Justice for Leonard Peltier at UN Permament Forum on
Indigenous Issues

january 28, 2018

Yvonne Swan on “Make No Bones About It.”

Yvonne Swan (was Wanrow), Sinixt Arrow Lakes of the Colville Confederated Tribes is known
for the “Wanrow Instruction”, a 1977 case law in Washington state stemming from a 1972 shooting death
of a known Caucasian child molester.
link fuer den Zeitungsbericht und Videos

january 5, 2017

Leonard Peltier Message of Solidarity to Water Protectors

Greeting Sisters and Brothers: I have been asked to write a SOLIDARITY statement to everyone about the Camp
of the Sacred Stones on Standing Rock. Thank you for this great honor.
I must admit it is very difficult for me to even begin this statement as my eyes get so blurred from tears and
my heart swells with pride, as chills run up and down my neck and back.
I’m so proud of all of you young people and others there.
link for the letter

John Trudel incident of oglala nation


sep. 16, 2016

Leonard Peltier Survives in the Spirit of Crazy Horse
By The Outpost
– Posted on September 16, 2016Posted in: Advocates

Leonard Peltier has been a political prisoner since 1975. Amnesty International believes that the
U.S. authorities should order his release from prison on humanitarian grounds and
in the interests of justice.
A 2016 letter from Leonard himself, and multiple documentaries tell the story.

link fuer den Zeitungsbericht

nov. 2, 2016

Life on the Pine Ridge Native American reservation

Where life expectancy is the second-lowest in the western hemisphere and 80 percent of people are unemployed.
by Patrick Strickland
Feature/United States

Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota, United States – Donald Morrison’s one-room home, hidden behind a row of trees, can only be reached via a half-kilometre dirt path.
He lives on his family’s ancestral land. His uncle’s and brother’s trailer homes are nearby. Donald’s yard is dotted with rusting automobiles – decaying and half-dismembered, excavated for car parts.
link fuer den Zeitungsbericht

august 2013

Bericht Amnesty international

Leonard Peltier, ein Angehöriger der Anishinabe-Lakota, verbüßt derzeit wegen der Ermordung
zweier FBI-Agenten im Juni 1975 zwei lebenslange Haftstrafen. Amnesty International ist nach
wie vor sehr besorgt, dass das Gerichtsverfahren, das zu seiner Verurteilung führte, möglicherweise
nicht den internationalen Standards für faire Verfahren entsprochen hat.
Leonard Peltier war führendes Mitglied des American Indian Movement (AIM), einer Initiative,
die sich für die Rechte der amerikanischen Ureinwohner einsetzt.

Am 26. Juni 1975 kam es im Pine-Ridge-Reservat in South Dakota zu Zusammenstößen zwischen
dem FBI und Mitgliedern des AIM.
Dabei wurden die beiden FBI-Agenten Ronald Williams and Jack Coler erschossen.
Leonard Peltier wurde 1977 für die Morde an ihnen verurteilt, hat jegliche Schuld an der Tat
jedoch stets von sich gewiesen.
Eine wichtige Augenzeugin, die amerikanische Ureinwohnerin und Angehörige der
Lakota Myrtle Poor Bear, hatte zunächst ausgesagt, gesehen zu haben,
wie Leonard Peltier die beiden Männer tötete.
Sie hat diese Aussage jedoch später zurückgezogen und angegeben, dass Angehörige des FBI
sie bedroht und drangsaliert hätten. Auf Grundlage ihrer Zeugenaussage wurde Leonard Peltier
von Kanada an die USA ausgeliefert und dort vor Gericht gestellt.
Myrtle Poor Bear war nicht als Zeugin der Staatsanwaltschaft geladen, durfte aber dennoch
nicht für die Verteidigung aussagen. Zudem wurden zum Zeitpunkt des Gerichtsverfahrens
Dokumente unter Verschluss gehalten, in die später im Zusammenhang mit Anträgen unter dem
Gesetz über die Informationsfreiheit Einsicht genommen wurde und die für den Fall
relevant gewesen sein könnten. Leonard Peltier ist mittlerweile 69 Jahre alt und in schlechter
gesundheitlicher Verfassung. Er leidet unter anderem an Diabetes.
Er hat erst 2024 wieder die Möglichkeit auf eine Freilassung auf Bewährung.
LINK fuer den Bericht Amnesty International

LINK Amnesty Internation Leonard Peltier

august 2012

National Graphics Magazine
In the Shadow of Wounded Knee

After 150 years of broken promises, the Oglala Lakota people of the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota
are nurturing their tribal customs, language, and beliefs. A rare, intimate portrait shows their resilience
in the face of hardship.
By Alexandra Fuller
Photographs by Aaron Huey

LINK National Graphics

january 2012

Solidarity With Leonard Peltier

February 4th has been named as International Day of Solidarity with Leonard Peltier. In Ireland there will
be a protest outside the US Embassy at Ballsbridge in Dublin at 2pm next Saturday.
The guest speaker will be Native American activist Jean Ann Day.

link for the happening