eTown eChievement Award

may 24, 2022

Great News Today – Red Cloud Renewable was announced today as a winner of DOE’s national Inclusive Energy Innovation Prize. Check it out! It will make your day.


april 6, 2022

“We’re going to make a way”: Wounded Knee Descendants and Relatives Travel to
New England to Ask for their Artifacts Back

On Apr. 6, after decades of back-and-forth, the Barre Museum’s board members held a private meeting with descendants and
relatives of Wounded Knee victims and survivors to show the collection, and to make plans for how to begin repatriation.
Among them were Chief Henry Red Cloud of the Oglala Lakota Nation, Manny Iron Hawk of the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation,
and his wife, Renee Iron Hawk.

“In our way of life, when somebody makes their journey, there’s a spirit releasing ceremony that needs to take place,
and that didn’t happen for these ancestors,” Chief Henry Red Cloud said in a community meeting at the town hall in Barre.
“They’re stuck in this limbo. So we’re going to make a way.”

Red Cloud, a direct descendant from Wounded Knee — his great-grandmother was a survivor who then married into his tribe —
was a key player in making the meeting with the museum board happen. He was contacted last month by his longtime friend Mia Feroleto,
a journalist who asked him to come take a look at the museum’s collection and see if, given his position as a chief, he could begin the process of repatriation.
here is the link for the whole report

At Barre ceremony, chief announces return of Lakota artifacts taken from Wounded Knee
here is the link for the report

april 3, 2022

Black Horn, Jim Grass, Jim Red Cloud,
great grandson of Chief Red Cloud traveling by train, ca. 1950. 

march 17, 2022
News from Pine Ridge USA South Dakota – Henry Red Cloud

februar 10, 2022

dezember 15, 2020

Red Cloud Renewable Pine Ridge Reservation

look at their webside and their beautiful work
here is the link

september 4, 2021

We are not “Sioux” We are the Lakota, the Dakota, and the Nakota – the Oceti Sakowin Oyate!
Oyate Design thanks for this AMAZING visual!

july 16, 2021

A powerful storm just came through the Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center on the Pine Ridge Reservation and left us a gift….

may 6, 2021

Yesterday we start our tree planting project 35,000 here on the home land. Shoutout to the planter for a great 1st day 2,200 planted.

september 20, 2020

Bonnet Ceremony for Henry Red Cloud, Bear Butte, S.D. September 20, 2020
let the pictures speak here is the link

Henry Red Cloud is a fifth generation direct descendant of Mahpiya Luta (Chief Red Cloud) one of the last Lakota war chiefs and a signer of the 1868 Fort Laramie Treaty. Henry has been a protector of the Lakota Oyate for decades and a teacher of renewable energy and sustainable building for almost twenty years. He teaches a „New Way to Honor the Old Ways“ to students from more than 50 tribes across the Northern Plains and far beyond.
Over the last two years he prepared himself through four phases of preparation to take on more responsibility and his efforts culminated this last weekend when more than 100 people gathered at Bear Butte, the sacred vision quest area and participated in his „Making of a Chief Ceremony“.
The Ceremony was organized by Lula Red Cloud
, the Matriarch and oldest woman of the Red Cloud family as well as other members of the Red Cloud family. Leonard Crow Dog, the great spiritual leader of the Lakota led the ceremony. Chief John Spotted Tail, Chief of the Sicangu Lakota Oyate, the direct descendant of the legendary Chief Spotted Tail, placed the bonnet upon Henry’s head. Ivan Looking Horse was the Eyapaha (ceremony moderator) and Tamra Stands and Looks Back-Spotted Tail made the bonnet and was a major organizer and supporter of this historical event.
For more information on Henry Red Cloud – visit his website…

KILI Radio Gains Energy Independence!

KILI Radio, „The Voice of the Lakota Nation“ — an independent radio station funded entirely by donations from global listeners, gains energy independence. A stellar conglomeration of partnering organizations, including Red Cloud Renewable, Lakota Solar, InOurHands, Thunder Valley CDC, Sunset Power Solutions, Remote Energy, Johnny Weiss Solar, and a number of dedicated volunteers, just completed the 20 Kw ground-mount solar array. Just one step closer to energy sovereignty in First Nation communities.

august 11, 2020

Marcus Mumford of Mumford and Sons visited the Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center last year.
Come check out what we are doing all across Indian Country!
Henry talking with the Mumford & Sons band about ways our alliance can work together in the future!

june 24, 2020

Red Cloud Renewable Selects 2020 Tribal Scholarship Recipients
Henry Red Cloud from the Pine Ridge Reservation and Solar Energy International (SEI) have worked together on renewable energy training and projects for almost 20 years.
Today they announced the Five Students and Alternate who have been selected to receive full scholarships for this year’s professional training program.
Henry’s non-profit organization, Red Cloud Renewable (RCR) and SEI created the professional level Tribal Train the Trainer (T4) Program that is designed specifically to build the Native American solar workforce, while concurrently providing the solar trainers and tribal solar advocate network that will spread this technology all across Indian Country!
Recipients are: Gwe Gasco (White Earth), Gail Huebbling (Yankton Sioux), Jon Edwards (Standing Rock), Wambli Red Cloud (Pine Ridge), Chris French (Yankton) and Rachael La Friniere (Turtle Mountain)
These two women and four men from five tribes will receive funding that covers the the cost of their T4 teachers, curriculum and materials, as well as their meals and lodging at the Sacred Earth Lodge, their transportation and the cost for their national NABCEP solar certification test. Corvid 19 precautions will be in place at all time.

Relatedly, new solar training labs are currently under construction on the Pine Ridge Reservation for use by the 2020 Solar Warriors as part of a significant expansion of Red Cloud Renewable’s professional level solar training capacity.
This training session, RCR will provide special attention to support solar development efforts on the Yankton Sioux Reservation. Henry Red Cloud, RCR’s Executive Director says: Gail Huebbling and Chris French were two of the founders of the „Solar Warrior Society“ at Yankton, and we want to support them and others there to explore the full spectrum of solar possibilities!
A key part of Red Cloud Renewable’s success has been its efforts to build and engage its Solar Champion Network, which consists of employees from tribal governments and colleges, as well as other tribal members and leaders who are willing to help recruit students and also advocate on behalf of increased solar projects on their reservations.
You can find out more about Red Cloud Renewable at
and specifically about our solar Tribal Train the
Trainer program at

february 23, 2020

Henry Red Cloud – Citationv – Honorary Doctor of Public Service

More than a hundred years ago, the great Mahpiya Luta, Red Cloud of the Lakota Sioux, led his people and neighboring tribes in the defense of their right to occupy their ancestral lands and retain their culture and way of life.
He subsequently shepherded his people into a new and challenging future beyond anything that his own ancestors had imagined: a future with a new set of rules and limited freedoms, overseen by people of a foreign culture and economic and social goals at odds with their own.
Today, the Lakota Sioux, along with all inhabitants of Planet Earth, are facing a new set of seemingly insurmountable realities: climate change and the dwindling availability and expense of natural resources.
Henry Red Cloud, a respected Lakota elder in his own right, has used his creativity, skill, and the noted leadership abilities shared with his legendary ancestor to enable his tribe and other Native communities across the continent to meet these new and daunting challenges.
Born on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, Henry spent many years as a steelworker, living and working in other parts of the country. He returned to Pine Ridge in the late 1990s with a fresh perspective on the plight of his home community and was inspired to volunteer his time to work on sustainable home building, solar energy, and wind turbine projects. He soon began to manufacture solar heaters on his own using his mechanical and engineering skills and realized that he could train and hire local community members to help bring sustainable living to more families and communities.
Thus, Lakota Solar Enterprises was born– a 100% Native owned and operated renewable energy company that establishes family-scale solar heating systems on reservations. Out of this company grew the Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center, a Native educational facility funded by private donations and public funding, where not only citizens of Pine Ridge, but tribal leaders from far and wide, come to learn the skills necessary to obtain green energy jobs, bring energy solutions to their own communities, and even start their own businesses.
They take that knowledge back to their own communities, where its benefits are paid forward, increasing exponentially as it is shared. Henry’s accomplishments have not gone unnoticed; during the past ten years he has earned many awards, both national and international, including a Solve fellowship from MIT (2018) and recognition by the White House as a Champion of Change.
While Henry’s work has given so many communities the ability to improve their tangible quality of life, he has done so in a way that enriches the spirit of these communities, restoring and strengthening cultural pride.
He reminds tribes that a return to their traditional relationship with Mother Earth, which has always been respectful and sustainable, can serve them well in addressing modern problems. He shows by his example that the success of an enterprise cannot merely be measured by financial gains: instead, a greater measure can be its uplifting, sustaining effect on others. Inspired by his ancestors and his grandchildren, he teaches that we can learn from the wisdom and experience of those who have gone before, giving hope and purpose, strength and inspiration, in turn to succeeding generations.
In recognition of his exemplary work and mission, and of the vision and model that he provides for leaders, communities, and individuals everywhere, Washington College is pleased to honor him with the honorary degree, Doctor of Public Service.

nov. 19, 2019

Henry Red Cloud, of Pine Ridge, is providing a clean,
sustainable future to Native Americans across America
PINE RIDGE, S.D.– Henry Red Cloud, Lakota Elder, founded his 100 percent Native-American operated non-profit, Lakota Solar Enterprises (LSE), in 2006, and established the Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center in 2008. He calls himself a “solar warrior.” But his work expands far beyond the sun.

link for the report and the video

oct. 3, 2019

Down a dirt track on South Dakota’s bucolic Pine Ridge Reservation, Henry Red Cloud is working out a plan to help Native and indigenous communities around the world make their own electricity.

link for the Report

june 2019

News from Pine Ridge Reservation
Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center

may 2019

In this year they also plant trees.
Nearly 10.000 Trees planted on the Pine Ridge Reservation by Gloria and Henry Red Cloud.

nov. 1, 2018

Spendenkampagne von Lula Red Cloud
The Red Cloud Family respectfully requests your assistance in raising funds to honor Chief Red Cloud.
My mother, Lula Red Cloud is the great-granddaughter of Chief Red Cloud.
Funds will be used to pay presenters, lodging, travel, and Crazy Horse Singers to sing
Honor Songs and Victory Dance.
Presentations and displays on Lakota history and culture will be at the Community Center.
Location of event is at Fort Laramie, Wyoming and Laramie Community Center on
Monday, November 5th, 2018.
The Treaty of 1868 is an important document that we use today for Water and Land Rights,
Health and Eduacation for the Tribes of the Oceti Sakowin. Everyone is invited and welcomed.
link fuer die Donations

oct. 16, 2018

Renewable Energy and the Sacred Seven
link fuer das Video und den Bericht

oct. 8, 2018

Henry is planting hope with 100.000 saplings
Henry Red Cloud, 5th generation direct decedent of Chief Red Cloud, is on a mission to help fulfill
his ancestor’s prophecy – to take the goodness of the Lakota and the goodness of the western world
and create something beautiful and new that never existed before.
He believes renewable energy is „a new way to honor the old ways“, and will light their path to get them
there. With grandchildren of his own, he walks with the sacred seven – the generation that will restore
balance and the Lakota way of life.

Bericht ueber Henry seine Aktivitaeten auf dem Pine Ridge Reservat, South Dakota
Link fuer den Zeitungsbericht

sept. 29, 2018

Kili Radio is going green in a big way……. Kota TV
Zeitungsbericht link

sept. 28, 2018

Richard Fox
Two years in the making but we just completed a 20kW solar installation for Kili Radio –
the Voice of the Lakota Nation
This makes Kili Radio the greenest radio station in South Dakota and the most
Renewable Native Radio Station in the WORLD!!!

Henry Red Cloud Would like thank all Parternerships that help bring Kili Radio to
energy independence!!!
What a awesome week!! solar array turn on & working great!! Look out for another solar spill!!

The Solar Warrior of Pine Ridge sept. 28, 2018
In South Dakota, Henry Red Cloud is harnessing the sun in hopes of a brighter future for Native Americans.
Henry Red Cloud prepares to take down a wind turbine at a radio station on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation
in South Dakota.
Through his Lakota Solar Enterprises and Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center, Red Cloud provides solar heating
units and renewable energy training for fellow Native Americans.(Laura Brickman)
link US NEWS

sept. 26, 2018

The final Phase – Install Solar for the Kili Radio Station in Pine Ridge Reservation
with Trees Watern People and Henry Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center

sept. 19, 2018

Thanks for the Donation. That will us help on the tiny home wo we can put solar lights on it thank you.
We start building next weekend will post and send pictures from the project.
wa’ste Henry Red Cloud

august 7, 2018

Oglala Lakot lands could host 110 MW-AC of solar
Zeitungsbericht link

august 4, 2018

Greetings from Henry Red Cloud’s friend, Richard Fox.
I hope you are well this fine deep summer day.
I thought you might want to see these pix from yesterday of Phase 1 of the Kili Radio 20 kW solar install.
It’s Henry’s biggest solar install job so far.
This phase is all the concrete and pipe framing and trenching.
We will install the panels and have a training for Native Americans in late September.
Being the change you want to see in the world…and in this case…better assuring the
Voice of the Lakota Nation is heard for many years to come.
While we have successfully solicited and received gifts and grants of more than $80,000 for this project,
we are still about $7,000 short of what we need to actually complete it.
I am hoping YOU can help us out towards completing this major renewable energy expansion for Kili Radio.
Once completed, Kili Radio will be the greenest radio station in South Dakota and the most renewable Native owned radio station in the world!
If you can help, every dollar is important and no gift is too small.
Henry Red Cloud
Red Cloud Renewable
P.O. Box 1609

august 3, 2018

Day 4 Kili Radio 20kw solar ground work.
All coming together the hard part is over now we look forward to September training
of putting PV panels, inverter and wiring turning the system on !!!!

august 1, 2018

Day 3 on Kili Radio 20kw Solar ground work. Awesome job solar warriors Silas,
Wambli, Leo, Jeff, Chris !!!

Solar energy project at Kili Radio    POWER OF THE SUN

july 31, 2018

2nd Day of a 20kw Solar array grid tie for Kili Radion – was an awesome day !!!

july 30, 2018

Henry started wit the new project for installing the SOLAR for Kili Radio on the
Pine Ridge Reservation South Dakota USA

july 31, 2018

Nachricht von Henry Red Cloud, nachdem wir ihm die Spenden fuer die Solar Warrior
gegen den Protest der Pipeline 3 in Minnesota geschickt haben:

Wa’ste. I will send pics tomorrow.
Busy here with Killi Radio Station install Solar.
Thank you

july 28, 2018

Hagel Sturm ueber Pine Ridge Reservat
Zeitungsbericht und Video
siehe LINK

july 5, 2018

Wir haben heute mit Henry Red Cloud telefoniert und er hat uns folgendes mitgeteilt:

Henry Red Cloud braucht Unterstützung in der Schlacht der Pipeline in Minnesota
Sie werden kämpfen, um die Linie 3 Ölpipeline zu stoppen.
Dieses Mal werden Sie nicht aufgeben wie im Standing Rock Protest,
denn diese Pipeline konnte nicht gestoppt werden.

Henry Red Cloud wird für die Wasser Beschützer eine Solaranlage und Einschulungen für die Solar Kämpfer machen.
Es kann sogar eine Solarversorgung übernommen werden in Minnesota, dafür werden finanzielle Mittel gebraucht.
Die Wasser Beschützer brauchen dieses an der Front.

Sie benötigen Solarwechselrichter, Batterien und Solarpanels im Wert von 8000 Euro,
um den Beschützern des Wassers eine Stromquelle zu geben.
Ein Teil des Geldes wird verwendet, um die Solar Kämpfer auszubilden.
Die Solaranlagen werden dann für die Bedürfnisse des Camps
(Facebook live Videos, damit die Welt sieht was dort wirklich geschieht,
es wird von den Medien immer noch verheimlicht), verwendet werden.
Sie kämpft seit 5 Jahren gegen den Bau dieser Pipeline und ist eine der größten Aktivistinnen in den USA.
Und wieder wollen die Ölkonzerne keine Rücksicht auf das Wasser nehmen.
Wie in Standing Rock wird auch dieses Mal wieder eine heilige Grabstätte vernichtet.
Wer ein bisschen Erfahrung in der indianischen Kultur hat, weiß wie heilig ihnen die Gräber sind.

Ich werde nicht um Geld betteln,
denn ihr sollt verstehen, dass es auch uns etwas angeht.
Sie beschützen das, was uns allen gehört – das WASSER
ohne Wasser – kein Leben
ohne Wasser – werden unsere Enkelkinder keines mehr haben
ohne Wasser – es gibt keinen Planet B
Wir haben nur diese Erde und können jeden Tag dafür danken,
dass wir in unseren Regionen noch so viel Trinkwasser haben,
dass wir damit unsere Autos waschen.

july 4, 2018

Henry Red Clouds mobile Solar power workshop.

june 7, 2018

Lakota Solar Enterprises founder Henry Red Cloud (Photo: Courtesy of Red Cloud
Renewable Energy Center)
Interview mit Henry Red Cloud und Bericht
link fuer die Webseite

may 29, 2018

Donations for the Warrior Team for the Bear Butte, 3400 Trees planted
Thanks to all who helped us.
Henry Red Cloud an Gloria
Here at Bear butte honoring a special place with tree planting 5,000 pine seedlings.
Thinking of all my people that we can and will create a awesome future for many with trees.
Taking care of Mother Earth so can continue to take care of us…….

Rob Beheady
Blessed to spend the weekend with Tree spirits on Bear Butte.
I got to help plant over 3000 trees with my good buddy Scotty Burns on an epic road trip; with the help of Trees,
Water & People, Henry Red Cloud, Richard Fox, & their amazing group of Lakota Warriors,
Youth and Volunteers from around the country.
Prayers, Song, Drumming, Fire Spinning, Group and Team Dynamics,
Work elements to complete a major Sacred Undertaking…the Coming together
of Tribes to show a healing path…I feel the Love

may 24, 2018

News von Henry Red Cloud

In a few days from now, 35,000 young ponderosa pines will have been planted on Pine Ridge, replenishing the charred hillsides with new life, and protecting vital watersheds after 2 fires devastated the area within 4 years. A gift to all our children, and to future generations! Mni Wiconi!

Mahpiya Luta Si Red

Wakiyan Oyate strong out there watch out lol
Blessings for the trees planted today and as well as the past 2 weeks

New Partnership in our hands

may 23, 2018

Videos Henry Red Cloud

news may 22, 2018

Project 33: „MNI WICONI“ Water protector 3.3 Art Unit
link fuer die Webseite

With the Amazing support of Water Protecting Glass Lovers around the country, We successfully purchased, donated and delivered a 5×10 trailer which will be the shell for the Mobile 48V Solar System.
I will let y’all know When the Solar Class for building this is set in motion in late September or October as the mission and funding allows; so you can come help!

link for the support

may 6 and 7, 2018

Wir waren in Pine Ridge in South Dakota bei Henry Red Cloud und Gloria.
An diesen 2 Tagen haben wir mit Trees Watern People und vielen Helfern
ca. 2.400 Baeume gepflanzt.
Er wird in diesem Jahr 36.000 Baueme im Reservat pflanzen.
Es war eine sehr schoene Erfahrung, der Mutter Erde fuer die nachsten 7 Generationen
etwas zurueckzugeben.
Wie Henry sagt: Die Mutter Erde ist keine Maschine.
Henry wird in diesem Jahr 36.000 Bäume pflanzen.
Ende Mai werden Sie 5000 Bäume in Bear Butte der Mutter Erde zurückgeben.
Sie rechnen, dass 30 % der Bäume die sie pflanzen, nicht überleben.
Der Mai ist der einzige Monat den sie für das Pflanzen nehmen können, da es sonst zu heiß wird.
Henry und Gloria müssen dann den Benzin für die Helfer bezahlen, die Köchin und die Lebensmittel.
Fuer einen Arbeiter aus Pine Ridge müsste Henry 80 Dollar pro Tag bezahlen.
Jetzt wo wir selber dabei waren, wissen wir mit wie viel Schweiß, Mückenstichen und gefährlichen
Pflanzen sowie Wetterbedingungen,
die hier in unseren Breitengraden nicht vorkommen, Henry seinem Volk hilft, für die nächsten Generationen
ein Erbe zu hinterlassen.
Wir würden ihn gerne unterstützen, er gibt alles für sein Volk.
Spendenkonto link
bitte als Betreff HENRY RED CLOUD Tree Planting

We was in Pine Ridge in South Dakota by Henry Red Cloud and Gloria.
In this 2 days we plant with Trees Watern People and many helpers about 2.400 trees.
He will plant in this year about 36.000 trees in the reservation.
It was a beautiful experience to give something back to the mother earth for the next 7 generations.
Like Henry said: The Mother Earth is not a machine.

april 5, 2018

Awesome day prayers and site visit to bear butte north side where a recent fire happen.
We are planing to plant 5,000 ponderosa pine Memorial Day weekend, we can use some help bring ur camp for the wk end Food,
Story telling around camp fire with fire dancers each nite.

march 24, 2018

Today, we welcome back St. Johns University students!
On their learning journey, they are spending the morning with Henry Red Cloud to learn about his
awesome solar energy work at Red Cloud Renewables/Lakota Solar Enterprise.
The students have spent the last few days at Red Cloud School collaborating with high school students.

St. Johns University Social Justice students worked so hard today!!
Grateful for a „good tired“.
Wopila to Henry Red Cloud tiwahe for sharing their knowledge.
And maske‘ Marj BlackElk for creating a yummy supper for our crew!

news march 4, 2018

Dan Tyminski / Angel Snow / Henry Red Cloud (Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center)
This week, we welcome genre bending multi-instrumentalist and vocalist extraordinaire Dan Tyminski (you may remember him as a member of Union Station; he’s also familiar to many as the singing voice for George Clooney’s on-screen character in ‘O Brother, Where Art Thou?’ and, more recently, as lead vocalist on Avicii’s international pop hit “Hey Brother”). We’re also joined by up-and-coming, indie-folk singer/songwriter, Angel Snow. Rounding things out, our eChievement Award story this week features Native American Henry Red Cloud, who sits down with Nick to discuss his efforts to bring solar power, green technology and employment to reservations throughout the country.
link fuer den Zeitungsbericht

news feb. 19, 2018

Red Clouds Revolution Oglala Sioux freeing themselves from fossil fuels
link fuer den Zeitungsbericht

Bringing Energy Independendence to Tribal Camps and Communities
Team Leader Henry Red Cloud
link fuer die Webseite

link for Global Challenges

sign the petition CANADA
link fuer den Zeitungsbericht

news Jan. 26, 2017

Henry Red Cloud Lakota Solar Enterprises get the eTown eChievement Award

Henry Red Cloud - eTown eChievement Award
Henry Red Cloud is the direct 5th generation descendant of Chief Red Cloud, one of the last Lakota war chiefs and one of the most famous Native Americans in history. Henry was born and raised on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, home of the Oglala Lakota Nation, where living conditions are extremely difficult.

For more than a decade, Henry has devoted himself to developing his expertise with renewable energy applications that are environmentally sound, economically beneficial, and culturally appropriate. Today, Henry is a twenty-first century Lakota Warrior, bringing green technology and employment to Native American communities. He reminds tribes that they can live sustainably and shows them that by embracing clean, renewable energy applications there is a way to get back to a traditional relationship with Mother Earth. As Henry says, “This is a new way to honor the old ways.”

Henry’s efforts to bring renewable energy to tribal lands have been recognized nationally and internationally:

Innovative Idea Champion (Corporation for Enterprise), 2009
Nuclear Free Future Award, 2010
Annual Innovation Award (Interstate Renewable Energy Council), 2010
World Energy Globe Award, 2012
Charles Greeley Abbot Award (American Solar Energy Society), 2013
Berea College Service Award, 2014
Oglala Lakota Service Award, 2014
White House Champion of Change for Solar Deployment, 2014
Most Creative People (Fast Company), 2015
link fuer den Zeitungsbericht

january 7, 2018

Henry Red Cloud – in our hands
link fuer den Zeitungsbericht

Solar Warrior
link Trees Watern People

Bericht vom Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center
in Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota USA
Dezember 31, 2017

news Nov. 2017

Hau Mitakuyapi!
Today is a good day as our relatives from Oglala Ospiye brought up a solar trailer for Wiconi Un Tipi.
This is part of our Lakota way of being as being a good relative. We of Wiconi Un Tipi wanna give a big wopila to our Oglala Ospiye relatives and Henry Red Cloud for their assistance in helping our Wicoti become self sufficient

news Nov. 9, 2017

Henry Red Cloud bewegt im Pine Ridge Reservat die Menschen in die Unabhaengigkeit
link fuer den Bericht und Video

Supporting the new non profit Aug. 2017

link Bericht

link Zeitungsbericht

Solar Project Henry Red Cloud July 17, 2017

Zeitungsbericht link

Henry Red Cloud und die Treaty Pipe

Es war Chief Red Cloud Mahpiya Luta, der den Fort Laramie Vertrag von 1868 unterzeichnete, damit
der Krieg beendet wird. In jeder Kultur werden solche formellen Entscheidungen auf unterschiedliche Weise geheiligt. Bei den Lakotas wird eine Pfeife zusammen geraucht.
Am vergangenen Wochenende (22.9.2016) hat Henry Red Cloud, diese Pfeife, die an diesem historischen Friedensvertrag von 1868 geraucht wurde, in das heilige Steinlager von Wendell Yellow Bull Jr. gebracht, dem neunten Hüter von Mahpiya Lutas Pfeife. In einer Prozession, die von Henry Red Cloud angeführt wurde.
Im Standing Rock Reservat war ein Council im Tipi, wo alle 7 Nationen der Lakotas wieder an dem
heiligen Feuer zusammen getroffen sind. Es waren hochrangige Gespraeche mit den Haeuptlingen
der Nationen.
Nach der Zeremonie gab es eine Diskussionen und Henry sprach im Namen von Mahpiya Luta zu den vielen Hunderten Leuten, die sich in der Nähe des Council Tipi versammelt hatten.
Er sprach über die Notwendigkeit der Einheit, Mutter Erde zu schützen, aber auch die Notwendigkeit, immer in einer friedlichen gewaltlosen Weise zu handeln. Henry sagte:
„Wir können die Vergangenheit nicht ändern, aber wir können die Zukunft verändern!“

Henry will eine bedeutende Investition in Infrastruktur und Bildung in erneuerbarer Energien sehen.
Er weiß, dass South Dakota riesige Solar- und Windressourcen hat und zum Status der erneuerbaren Energien werden kann. Es sind große Investitionen noetig, um die Ausbildung von Menschen über die Solar- und Windenergie, sowie die Ausrüstung, Installation und Instandhaltung zu finanzieren.
Henry sagt: „Viele der aktuellen Ölarbeiter könnten in diesem neueren, sichereren, energieorientierten Ansatz viel bessere, gesündere Arbeitsplätze finden und wir müssen ihnen die notwendige Schulungs- und Übergangshilfe geben.“
Henry hat eine lange Geschichte in der Arbeit und Lehre über erneuerbare Energien einschließlich seine laufende Firma Lakota Solar Enterprises.
Zeitungsbericht Lakota Times september 22, 2016                 link Zeitungsbericht

Renewable Center Henry Red Cloud june 11, 2017

Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center, Pine Ridge
Henry Red Cloud unterrichtet und produziert fuer sein Start-up Business noch mehr in Solar Energie.
Die Beendigung der Abhängigkeit von fossilen Brennstoffen und neuer Energie geht Hand in Hand.
Henry Red Cloud manufactures and teaches at his start-up business, much focus on solar energy.
Ending dependence on fossil fuel and new energy go hand in hand.

Trees Watern People have a new national director

Planting trees march 31, 2017

Henry Red Cloud hat mit vielen Helfern 33.000 Baeume auf 200 Hektar Land gepflanzt.
Im Jahre 2016 hat er 20.000 Baeume gepflanzt in seinem Reservat.

Gardening in the Pine Ridge Reservation bei
Henry Red Cloud und Gloria

Im Jahr 2016 hat Henry fuer sein Volk ca. 2 Tonnen Gemuese angebaut.
Jeder konnte das Gemuese bei ihnen im Garten holen und Gloria hat mit den Frauen eingekocht und fuer den Winter vorbereitet.
Die Menschen haben Diabetes ca. 65 % in Pine Ridge, 88 % Arbeitslosigkeit.
1 Lebensmittelladen, Besitzer ist ein Kalifornier und die Preise sind hoeher als hier in Vorarlberg.

Solar for Standing Rock Camp – No DAPL

Henry hat fuer die Wintermonate im Standing Rock Reservat Solar Anlagen und Solar Heizungen installiert.

january 7, 2017

Native American Solar Energy Visionary
Standing Rock with green Technology
link fuer den Zeitungsbericht

Henry baut ein Haus fuer Paul Peltier
24. Juni 2016 ist fertig

Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center

Soundcloud Tour Henry Red Cloud Recording

februar 7, 2013

Henry Red Cloud leads the Renewable Energy Charge at Pine Ridge
link fuer den Zeitungsbericht

september 30, 2010

Lakota Solar Enterprises South Dakota – pro profit – Firma

Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center (RCREC) – non profit

Pine Ridge Reservation USA
Pine Ridge, SD 57770