april 5, 2018

Awesome day prayers and site visit to bear butte north side where a recent fire happen.
We are planing to plant 5,000 ponderosa pine Memorial Day weekend, we can use some help bring ur camp for the wk end Food,
Story telling around camp fire with fire dancers each nite.

march 24, 2018

Today, we welcome back St. Johns University students!
On their learning journey, they are spending the morning with Henry Red Cloud to learn about his
awesome solar energy work at Red Cloud Renewables/Lakota Solar Enterprise.
The students have spent the last few days at Red Cloud School collaborating with high school students.

St. Johns University Social Justice students worked so hard today!!
Grateful for a „good tired“.
Wopila to Henry Red Cloud tiwahe for sharing their knowledge.
And maske‘ Marj BlackElk for creating a yummy supper for our crew!

Bring him Home

Fort Laramie Treaties of 1868

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Notes from Indian Country
1868 Fort Laramie Treaty 150 years later
By Tim Giago (Nanwica Kciji – Stands Up For Them)
April 29, 2018, marks the 150th anniversary of the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1868.
The Treaty is often the focal point for discussions among Treaty Council representatives
and other tribal members.
I often wonder how many people actually read the Treaty.
Last week Bill Means, brother of Russell, and Phil Two Eagle,
were guests on the weekly television show I and my wife Jackie produce called Oyate Today.
They were there to discuss the upcoming events that will take place at Fort Laramie in Wyoming to commemorate the historic occasion.
Means pointed to the fact that the Treaty was an agreement between two sovereign nations:
the United States and the Tribes of the Great Sioux Nation.
He said that the American people often question the validity of the 1868 Treaty because it is old, it happened too many years ago.
read more under the following link

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news march 4, 2018

Dan Tyminski / Angel Snow / Henry Red Cloud (Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center)
This week, we welcome genre bending multi-instrumentalist and vocalist extraordinaire Dan Tyminski (you may remember him as a member of Union Station; he’s also familiar to many as the singing voice for George Clooney’s on-screen character in ‘O Brother, Where Art Thou?’ and, more recently, as lead vocalist on Avicii’s international pop hit “Hey Brother”). We’re also joined by up-and-coming, indie-folk singer/songwriter, Angel Snow. Rounding things out, our eChievement Award story this week features Native American Henry Red Cloud, who sits down with Nick to discuss his efforts to bring solar power, green technology and employment to reservations throughout the country.
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news feb. 19, 2018

Red Clouds Revolution Oglala Sioux freeing themselves from fossil fuels
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Bringing Energy Independendence to Tribal Camps and Communities
Team Leader Henry Red Cloud
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link for Global Challenges

sign the petition CANADA
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news Jan. 26, 2017

Henry Red Cloud Lakota Solar Enterprises get the eTown eChievement Award

Henry Red Cloud - eTown eChievement Award
Henry Red Cloud is the direct 5th generation descendant of Chief Red Cloud, one of the last Lakota war chiefs and one of the most famous Native Americans in history. Henry was born and raised on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, home of the Oglala Lakota Nation, where living conditions are extremely difficult.

For more than a decade, Henry has devoted himself to developing his expertise with renewable energy applications that are environmentally sound, economically beneficial, and culturally appropriate. Today, Henry is a twenty-first century Lakota Warrior, bringing green technology and employment to Native American communities. He reminds tribes that they can live sustainably and shows them that by embracing clean, renewable energy applications there is a way to get back to a traditional relationship with Mother Earth. As Henry says, “This is a new way to honor the old ways.”

Henry’s efforts to bring renewable energy to tribal lands have been recognized nationally and internationally:

Innovative Idea Champion (Corporation for Enterprise), 2009
Nuclear Free Future Award, 2010
Annual Innovation Award (Interstate Renewable Energy Council), 2010
World Energy Globe Award, 2012
Charles Greeley Abbot Award (American Solar Energy Society), 2013
Berea College Service Award, 2014
Oglala Lakota Service Award, 2014
White House Champion of Change for Solar Deployment, 2014
Most Creative People (Fast Company), 2015
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january 7, 2018

Henry Red Cloud – in our hands
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Solar Warrior
link Trees Watern People

Bericht vom Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center
in Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota USA
Dezember 31, 2017

news Nov. 2017

Hau Mitakuyapi!
Today is a good day as our relatives from Oglala Ospiye brought up a solar trailer for Wiconi Un Tipi.
This is part of our Lakota way of being as being a good relative. We of Wiconi Un Tipi wanna give a big wopila to our Oglala Ospiye relatives and Henry Red Cloud for their assistance in helping our Wicoti become self sufficient

news Nov. 9, 2017

Henry Red Cloud bewegt im Pine Ridge Reservat die Menschen in die Unabhaengigkeit
link fuer den Bericht und Video

Supporting the new non profit Aug. 2017

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Solar Project Henry Red Cloud July 17, 2017

Zeitungsbericht link

Henry Red Cloud und die Treaty Pipe

Es war Chief Red Cloud Mahpiya Luta, der den Fort Laramie Vertrag von 1868 unterzeichnete, damit
der Krieg beendet wird. In jeder Kultur werden solche formellen Entscheidungen auf unterschiedliche Weise geheiligt. Bei den Lakotas wird eine Pfeife zusammen geraucht.
Am vergangenen Wochenende (22.9.2016) hat Henry Red Cloud, diese Pfeife, die an diesem historischen Friedensvertrag von 1868 geraucht wurde, in das heilige Steinlager von Wendell Yellow Bull Jr. gebracht, dem neunten Hüter von Mahpiya Lutas Pfeife. In einer Prozession, die von Henry Red Cloud angeführt wurde.
Im Standing Rock Reservat war ein Council im Tipi, wo alle 7 Nationen der Lakotas wieder an dem
heiligen Feuer zusammen getroffen sind. Es waren hochrangige Gespraeche mit den Haeuptlingen
der Nationen.
Nach der Zeremonie gab es eine Diskussionen und Henry sprach im Namen von Mahpiya Luta zu den vielen Hunderten Leuten, die sich in der Nähe des Council Tipi versammelt hatten.
Er sprach über die Notwendigkeit der Einheit, Mutter Erde zu schützen, aber auch die Notwendigkeit, immer in einer friedlichen gewaltlosen Weise zu handeln. Henry sagte:
„Wir können die Vergangenheit nicht ändern, aber wir können die Zukunft verändern!“

Henry will eine bedeutende Investition in Infrastruktur und Bildung in erneuerbarer Energien sehen.
Er weiß, dass South Dakota riesige Solar- und Windressourcen hat und zum Status der erneuerbaren Energien werden kann. Es sind große Investitionen noetig, um die Ausbildung von Menschen über die Solar- und Windenergie, sowie die Ausrüstung, Installation und Instandhaltung zu finanzieren.
Henry sagt: „Viele der aktuellen Ölarbeiter könnten in diesem neueren, sichereren, energieorientierten Ansatz viel bessere, gesündere Arbeitsplätze finden und wir müssen ihnen die notwendige Schulungs- und Übergangshilfe geben.“
Henry hat eine lange Geschichte in der Arbeit und Lehre über erneuerbare Energien einschließlich seine laufende Firma Lakota Solar Enterprises.
Zeitungsbericht Lakota Times september 22, 2016                   link Zeitungsbericht

Renewable Center Henry Red Cloud june 11, 2017

Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center, Pine Ridge
Henry Red Cloud unterrichtet und produziert fuer sein Start-up Business noch mehr in Solar Energie.
Die Beendigung der Abhängigkeit von fossilen Brennstoffen und neuer Energie geht Hand in Hand.
Henry Red Cloud manufactures and teaches at his start-up business, much focus on solar energy.
Ending dependence on fossil fuel and new energy go hand in hand.

Trees Watern People have a new national director

Planting trees march 31, 2017

Henry Red Cloud hat mit vielen Helfern 33.000 Baeume auf 200 Hektar Land gepflanzt.
Im Jahre 2016 hat er 20.000 Baeume gepflanzt in seinem Reservat.

Gardening in the Pine Ridge Reservation bei
Henry Red Cloud und Gloria

Im Jahr 2016 hat Henry fuer sein Volk ca. 2 Tonnen Gemuese angebaut.
Jeder konnte das Gemuese bei ihnen im Garten holen und Gloria hat mit den Frauen eingekocht und fuer den Winter vorbereitet.
Die Menschen haben Diabetes ca. 65 % in Pine Ridge, 88 % Arbeitslosigkeit.
1 Lebensmittelladen, Besitzer ist ein Kalifornier und die Preise sind hoeher als hier in Vorarlberg.

Solar for Standing Rock Camp – No DAPL

Henry hat fuer die Wintermonate im Standing Rock Reservat Solar Anlagen und Solar Heizungen installiert.

january 7, 2017

Native American Solar Energy Visionary
Standing Rock with green Technology
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Henry baut ein Haus fuer Paul Peltier
24. Juni 2016 ist fertig

Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center

Soundcloud Tour Henry Red Cloud Recording

februar 7, 2013

Henry Red Cloud leads the Renewable Energy Charge at Pine Ridge
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september 30, 2010

Lakota Solar Enterprises South Dakota – pro profit – Firma

Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center (RCREC) – non profit

webseite link
Pine Ridge Reservation USA
1001 Solar Warrior Rd
Pine Ridge, SD 57770
mobile +1 (605) 441-1140